About Us

We have served clients across multiple industries such as in quarries, construction, mining, plantations, manufacturing and ports. We have helped our clients:

i. Enhance productivity via improved efficiency in the back room with integrated software solutions
e.g. billing and credit control;
ii. Mitigate fraudulent weighing practices via built-in multi-layered software and hardware controls;
iii. Provide timely and reliable reports via data analytics for management control.

We have help factories to automate their production for their process weighing reducing their dependence on manual labor which in turn:

i. improved their efficiency giving better productivity
ii. gives consistent blending of their ingredients thus reducing wastage

Today, our ~1,000 weighbridges assist more than 600 customers all over Malaysia in ensuring efficient and reliable weighing operations. Our customer base also extends to ASEAN, India, Bangladesh, Madagascar and Ghana.


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